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Layer 3 saudi company logo
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IT integrated solutions for businesses and facilities

Let our business solutions transform your company for success with the technologies you need

We are your go to company to provide you the tools and solutions of the IT world coupled with our experience and qualifications to provide the best for your business with services ranging from networking, cabling, communication security, maintenance and more, Let us do it all for you.

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About us

Your companions to success

Layer3 is a leading Saudi facility in the field of network systems, computer security, maintenance, support and advisory services through a qualified and distinguished staff to provide the best service to our customers.

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vision of the company

Our vision

To be the leading company in the field of communications and modern technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 2030.

Our goal

Working to meet the desires of our clients through the right understanding of their needs and provide strategic solutions that help them in their fields of work And confirmation of our firm commitment with them through a professional staff.

Why us

Ensure the highest productivity at work

We have always been centered around creativity and mastery at work based on the experience of the work team, we will study your request and offer you premium support and direct communication to take your business from what you envision to the real world.

latest technologies

We use the latest technologies from the best in the field to leverage your data and workflow and reinvent your company's production and work force.

range of services

Ensure the stability and comprehensiveness of your company with our wide range of excellent IT services and tools from networking, security, infrastructure and many more.

experienced team staff

Your company is at safe hands with the help of our team of more than 20 years of professional experience in the field that can handle any project, big or small.

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Our services

Boost your business with our technologies

Our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses, providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

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Branch connection

Connect all of your facility's separate branches into one so that all of your managed services from your accounts, servers, telephone systems and cameras can become interconnected with easy access and great transfer speed

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switcher or router using cables to network


Your facility will become connected to fast and reliable networking using our networking technologies ranging from LAN to WLAN with the use of our cutting edge routers and switches at your full control

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cables infrastructure

Cabling and infrastructure

Enhance your facility's infrastructure with it's own premium cabling to guarantee your connections stay up and running fast no matter what using our highest standard copper cables (UTP) or optical fibers

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data center mainframe

Data center

Centralize your facility's services in one organized place and guarantee the protection and regularity of your data center with our extensive bundle of monitoring and maintenance of all your of central services to keep everything running in check and at max efficiency

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servers in server room


Increase your productivity and focus on your business and let our state of-the-art servers take care of everything IT related for you, from data management, storage, hosting and more with full access and customized hardware and software specifications that suit your facility whether small or big

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man using telephone to call communication

Telephone and communication

Have comprehensive communications of and within your facility using our services ranging from telephone-central systems, unified number, auto responses and forwarding, email, managing and organizing calls, interactive meeting and mentoring and more

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security alert of virus attack

Security systems

Keep all your data safe from any possible mistake done by the workers or an intended attack from outside with our advanced and comprehensive anti-virus programs and firewall systems which can predict, detect, alarm, and execute any necessary action to ensure the safety of your facility.

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security camera 360 degrees

Surveilling systems

Enhance the security of your property, personnel and costumers and improve your operational efficiency and flexibility with our advanced cutting edge surveilling camera systems with a wide range of features such as facial and plate recognition, artificial intelligence and smart control from anywhere to keep everything in check.

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electrician wiring fiber cables

Maintenance services

Ease your mind and ensure the continuity of your work as required during contract with our comprehensive and convenient maintenance with any issues for your entire facility and lift the burden of the staff team so that you could focus on productivity

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group of people doing consultation in office

Consultant services

Be reassured with our expert consulting service for you in all matters related to the field of information technology systems that pertain to your establishment and help design complete data centers.

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Because we care about creativity and mastery at work based on the experience of the work team. We offer you our services at reasonable prices that suit your business.

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Success partners

We are proud to partner with some of the industry's leading technology providers. These partnerships allow us to bring the latest and most innovative solutions to our clients.

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Our outstanding clients

We are proud to have served a diverse range of clients across the kingdom. Our clients trust us to provide them with reliable, high-quality communication solutions that help them achieve their business goals.

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Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh 13784

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